Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

This week we started a new schedule so it took a little more effort to keep track. We're about to go into week 2 with it, it's working out so far!

Monday - She started her new French book today. This book is meant for an English child who goes to an all English school, learning French. Brianna was in Immersion (half her schooling) in PS since she was 4. This book is Grade 4. Brianna complains it's too easy. Unfortunately, there's no such thing as a workbook for Immersion kids. So I told her, sure, we may zoom through this book, but thankfully the series goes up to Gr. 8 and does get harder.

We also started our Canadian Census unit. There'll be a separate blog post for that.

Tuesday - Today Brianna chose to have a LOT of school work, but she got it all done! We worked on some soil worksheets, read about the Arctic Lowland region, did more French, a reading comprehension chapter, all of her spelling work for the week and more Census work.

Wednesday - Today was all about science. She finished her science book of the year (we still have a fun experiment book to play with over the summer that reinforces a lot of what was in her workbook) and did her final test. She got 76%. Not enough mastery IMO so we'll be working on plant parts and magnets over the summer too and do a mini review.

Thursday - Today she worked on various math worksheets, time, money, turning written numbers into regular numbers, ect...

Friday - All she had to do today (since she got most of her work done on Mon and Tues), was the final part of her Census unit! Nice short day. We'll see how week 2 goes now!

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