Friday, May 13, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

With Olivia's tot school having it's own link up, I'll do her and Brianna seperately unless their schooling actually combines.

We finally got some nice weather! The whole week was just gorgeous, beautiful sunshine! It *would* have been a move-school-outside kind of week if it hadn't been windy. Brianna tried a few times, but she ended up with papers all over the yard.

Monday - Worked on subtraction in math. Brianna hates it. I can't decided though if it's just cause she prefers adding, like me, or if it's cause she's still having problems with it. I know she has been having issues remembering to borrow, but for the most part her answers ARE correct.

Tuesday - Still plugging along in the Spell by Color program. Brianna doesn't get super excited when it gets pulled out, but she does complete it with no complaints, so I'm hoping that's a good sign. She does enjoy the fast that it uses different colors for each rule so it separates them.

Wednesday - Today we did word problems in math. She has come SO far in this! When we started HSing in Nov, she could barely tell if she was supposed to add or subtract, let alone *what* she was adding or subtracting. Now she flies through them. I think this has to do with the fact that I have her doing word problems daily in one of the little daily books I found. I think once we're done the current pack of word problem books I have, we'll be able to just do word problems in regular math, rather than needing the daily reinforcement.

Brianna made live art today in the driveway. Apparently she's been seeing me attempting my version of running a lot lately. She made a line of real grass and picked some dandelions to "plant" in the grass, then drew a stick mommy running through.

Thursday - Today's spelling words were mostly number words (fourteen, thirty, ect...). She's worried about these words. I don't often have reason to write out larger numbers like that in adult life, but she does at least need to be able to *read* the difference between them!

Friday - She did *ok* with her spelling words. We're gonna work a little more on spelling practice along with her Spell by Color program. I made up some letter tiles for her and am going to laminate them so she can get some practice forming words in, without it being writing a story or something.

We also did a food groups collage today. We looked up how many servings of each food group a child of her age needs in a day, then went to cutting up magazines! Brianna loves that part :) I was pretty happy with her choices (since each food item was up to her), the only thing really junky that she picked was Kraft Dinner in her grains group.

She did a math sheet today on turning written-out-in-words numbers into regular numbers. This worksheet went into the hundred millions. Brianna was *totally* lost. She said she had only learned to thousands in school. So we did a whole lesson on larger place value and will be working on it more in the coming week. She did pretty well after she got an understanding of how the hundreds, thousands and millions groups were broken up. Hopefully it won't take more than a few days to fully cement the idea.

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