Friday, August 26, 2011

Not Back to School Blog Hop!

Not Back to School Blog Hop

I apparently missed the first 3 weeks of this :( But I'll try to squeeze in as much as possible!

Week One: My curriculum is a jumble of a little of this and a little of that. If you'd like to see what we're floating through, click on the Current Curriculum button above.

Week Two: We don't have a special area for school work, so it's wherever the girls plop their butts. Lately it's been the staircase

Week Three: My Homeschoolers:
Olivia, 2, tot school
Brianna, 9, Grades 3-6
Tanya, 11 (next month), Grade 3-6

Week Four: Day In The Life:

We live a laid back, take-it-as-we-go kind of life. Generally we're up by 8am, school by 10am, nap for Olivia by 1pm, supper by 6:30pm, school for Olivia somewhere in there, bed for Olivia by 7:30pm, bed for Brianna by 9:30pm, bed for me by midnight. However, everyday, at least one of the above doesn't happen when it's supposed to. Here's today:

8:26am - woooo everyone slept in, but now I hear the maaaaaamaaaaaa song coming from Olivia.

8:29am - I kick Brianna from bed since her cousin will be here shortly

8:31am - ahhhhh coffeeeeeee

8:32am - crap... the computer crashed overnight. I hate trying to figure this crap out first thing in the morning.

8:46 am - Tanya (my niece) shows up and claims her brother ate ALL the food in her house so can she eat breakfast here LOL

8:50am - send Brianna to change. You'd think after running every morning for the last 2 months she'd know she can't run in a calf length dress....

9:05am - Fighting Olivia out of the bathroom so grandma can take a shower, settle her down with Toupie and Binou (instant silence btw!)

9 35am - Trudge up the stairs to get dressed fighting with Olivia as to why she doesn't need to watch cartoons in my room while the same channel is playing in the living room.

9:40am - Mom gets called into work early so we have to go do our running around NOW. Olivia acts like she's never been outside before so we take her with and set the girls up to clean the toy room.

10:20am - We're back, and surprise, surprise, the girls have been piddling around *sigh*

10:45pm - Girls are finally done, off to running. Today, they are each running around the block 4 times per run, roughly 1 kilometer. Tanya broke her speed record twice, great job!

11:30am - Getting the girls off to their schoolwork.

11:31am - And the fight over location of schoolwork commences....

11:36am - And they end up in their usual spots *sigh*

11:55am - break for lunch (yeah, already lol)

12:30pm - Olivia down for a nap, the girls back to work

12:55pm - Brianna's asking about dividing 9 by 6 saying it doesn't work. I explain to her that it does work, but there's a remainder. Then I explain what remainders are. She lists off a few answers that are incorrect so I tell her to bring her book to me. "But I'm not even working on math!" *sigh*

1:20pm - I do my Brain Age for the day... that crap's harder than it looks!

1:35pm - Brianna's finally done, just waiting on Tanya.

1:40pm - teaching Brianna that the fine art of changing the cat litter (a chore she's had for over a year), does NOT include sticking your hand in a bag and picking up poop like you would when walking a dog

1:42pm - explain to Brianna that cleaning the bathroom vanity (again, a chore she's had for over a year) must include removing all the toothbrushes, hair brushes, ect... BEFORE spraying cleaner.

1:50pm - Tanya's done, on to our ginormous spelling test (a list of yearly words generally taught at each grade level so I can get an idea of where they are), which strangely, both girls are excited for :S

3:45pm - 276 words later, we're done grade 2! The girls are crazy though and want to do grade 3 words on Monday lol

4:10pm - Set Brianna up with her laptop and Gr. 4 game. Time to take Tanya home and ship off some bows.

5:15pm - 5 mile line up at Tim Hortons....

6pm - Finally home. Grabbed some frozen chicken keivs for supper, something quick so the girls can run at a decent hour (I can't wait til their 5k is over and we can go back to running a few times a week instead of twice a day!)

6:10pm - Olivia's in the tub after eating microscopic amounts of supper for the 274th day in a row *sigh*

6:50pm - I finally get to sit down and eat!

6:55pm - Was shown a great *free* journalling pages blog (Grace is Overrarted)

7pm - Olivia's school time of the day. Over the summer we've been reviewing stuff we've already done... A through F, numbers 1 through 5, basic colors and shapes. Today we did A, circles and straight lines (pre-writing).

7:15pm - Running for the girls again. 4 times around the block, 3 sets each. Tanya broke her record for a 3rd time today! Brianna did much better tonight as well. Didn't break her record, but one of her runs was her fastest time in a couple weeks!

8pm - Rocking and bed for Olivia with required singing of the ABCs and Lullaby and Goodnight.

8:15pm - Sent Tanya home for the night. No running tomorrow since we'll be out of town visiting my grandparents.

8:20pm - Trying to convince Brianna to pick something a little more longer/challenging than a picture book for her nightly reading....

8:40pm - Crap, I forgot I'm supposed to make cookies for tomorrow! Guess I'll set up Brianna with her Brain Age and get to it!

9:10pm - Play a little facebook Keno while baking....

9:30pm - Kick Brianna off to bed, get more baking done!

9:35pm - Mmmmm.... first cookie of the batch.....

9:45pm - Finally done going through the amazing blog I posted about above, definitely following that one!

10:05pm - Cookies are done!! (On a normal weekday other than Friday, I'd be getting school stuff for the next day ready around now)

10:15pm - Organizing pics for this post

10:25pm - Since tomorrow's one of my twice a month must-wake-early days, I'm linking this up and headed to bed!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wow! Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award!

Lori, over at Keeping It Simple awarded me with the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award! This is my first blog award and I'm so excited! Thank you so much Lori!

The rules for accepting the award are …

1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to 15 deserving blog buddies.
4. Contact those buddies to congratulate them.
 Random facts about me:

1. I miss what my home town was. I grew up in Edmonton, Alberta. When I lived there (until 98), I loved it. Now though, from everyone I know who lives/has visited there, it's turned pretty nasty :(

2. I looove paper and pencils. I have notebook features on my phone and computer, yet have 4 different little notebooks on my desk for writing in. Even in homeschooling, all of our plans are on paper, in pencil.

3. I'm a self learner in a lot of things. I'm not very good at following directions so I generally look something over and figure it out myself.

4. I'm a school/office supply addict and always have been. I could easily max credit cards out in office supply stores. Maybe I was destined to be a homeschooler lol!

5. I truly and honestly forget how old I am sometimes. I've always (supposedly lol) be more mature than my age and have always hung out with older people. Last year I was joking about turning 30 soon. Cripes, I'm only 28 now!

6. My money MUST be arranged in order of denomination AND be all facing the same way. My wallet feels messy otherwise. And on that note, I also must use cash. I hate debit/credit cards.

7. I hate surprises. Even happy ones. I don't care if I have something to do with the planning of something or not, as long as I know OF it.

15 Wonderfully Sweet Blogs That I Pass This Award To:

Hiatus Ending Soon!

Ok, so the last month has been nuts and I've been neglecting blog-land. I haven't even been reading my blogroll! I totally miss talking to myself everyday lol

Few things... As I posted before, Brianna was training for a triathlon. Then my niece Tanya joined her. So I was working with both girls. Then Tanya joined our homeschool on a part time (possibly full time later) basis. She's 2 yrs older than Brianna so there's a whole whack of new research. First of all finding her actual grade level (which not surprisingly was lower than PS has her in grrrr), but then finding the work she needs to catch up.

Well, the triathlon is done (the girls did awesome!) and we've settled into having an extra homeschooler (though I have totally slacked off with Olivia's tot school stuff). The girls have a 5K on Labour Day, but then training will be over til spring (well their hard core stuff). Labour Day also starts Brianna back up on her full time schedule rather than the lighter summer ones. I'll also be actually doing tot school with Olivia everyday.

Hopefully settlement will mean I can get back to blogging! I miss Wilderness Wednesdays and reading everyone's blogs.