Sunday, January 13, 2013

Why It Was So Quiet Around Here

After promising to come back and post often, I ended up anemic and sleeping zillions of hours a day and barely having time for school let alone tracking it on the blog. However, I had a good reason for anemia....

We've got #5 coming in June!

We've been trying for sometime for our last one and it finally worked! As you'll notice in my ticker above, I'm almost 18 weeks now. We hope to find out if baby's a boy or girl later this month!

Now that I'm into my 2nd trimester (and upping my iron!) I'm feeling a zillion % better and am back into the swing of things. This past week Olivia started Tot School again and Brianna is back to a mostly full schedule (she's on a slightly lighter load until the end of May for my sake), and Tanya has come back to join us for History, Geography and Science.

In History we are covering 4 of the major wars, 1812, Civil War, WWI and WWII, over the next few months. We're mostly watching videos and reading books. There's some war re-enactments that go on in the summer around here that we hope to attend as well.

Mystery Class starts again at the end of this month! The girls had loads of fun last year and with little help, got 6 of the 10 mystery locations correct. They're both greatly looking forward to it again this year!

For Science, we're taking advantage of my pregnancy and up coming birth. Both girls are interested in fetal development, so we're doing some in depth human biology. I am also planning a home birth and both girls will have the option of being there when the baby is born. Brianna is hugely excited on the prospect of that, Tanya goes from wanting to be there to "ew, gross" lol

In Math and English, Brianna is looking to complete her Gr. 5 curriculum by the end of May, at which time we'll go on "baby break". Because of Brianna's lack of handling long breaks well, I plan to have at least some math and English for her to do each week. Depending on how I feel and baby's personality, we'll start back with regular school in Aug or Sept.

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Tot School - A & B

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This week we mostly worked on A and B, but as usual, other letters get tossed in :)

Olivia's main concern this week was her notebook. She literally spent HOURS working in it. It wasn't necessarily her doing the exact worksheets, but she happily colored in the circles on her apple page, traced a couple letters when she felt like it and just generally enjoyed using the dry erase markers on the sheet protectors.

Write ABC Android app. Olivia thought this was just great!
Olivia was super thrilled to get some new paint this week. 

We've started on our alphabet book. Each week she'll craft a large version of the week's letter(s) and I'll cut it out and add it in. 

Dot stickers are still a big hit here!