Monday, May 20, 2013

WAY Late Month in Review (April)

(I swear, I WILL get back to regular posts someday!)

Learning how to ride a 4 wheeler bike

The kids' suncatchers

First spot of spring in our garden!

Hard at work on research for her book

Cross stitching (all from the pattern in her mind) a gift for her uncle's birthday

Chicken pox snake!

A cave with boulders on each side and a happy face cookie

Studying Brianna's bird watching book

She loves to try to paint/draw with her mouth

Painting her E for her alphabet book

Dot circles are still a favorite

She wanted me to take a picture of her happy face guy

Impressive tracing on her Gs

The kids love to turn my walkway into a mosaic 

Olivia insisted in joining Brianna in strength training (yes they're using soup cans for weights lol)

Earth Day litter clean up!

Making fine detail clay creations

Hard labour is great Phys. Ed. class! Doesn't matter if you're only 3 and 10, re-gravel the driveway!