Friday, June 7, 2013

Month in Review (May)

Making my Mother's Day cake

Helping Daddy carry the top soil

She's very proud of her little flower garden

Tanya and Brianna's first run of the season!

Being comfortable while homeschooling is great!

Brianna and Olivia playing hangman with Isaac. 

Tanya's Annual Review for cadets (she's in the middle holding the flute)

Tanya's group's presentation

She loves to practice cutting!

Monday, May 20, 2013

WAY Late Month in Review (April)

(I swear, I WILL get back to regular posts someday!)

Learning how to ride a 4 wheeler bike

The kids' suncatchers

First spot of spring in our garden!

Hard at work on research for her book

Cross stitching (all from the pattern in her mind) a gift for her uncle's birthday

Chicken pox snake!

A cave with boulders on each side and a happy face cookie

Studying Brianna's bird watching book

She loves to try to paint/draw with her mouth

Painting her E for her alphabet book

Dot circles are still a favorite

She wanted me to take a picture of her happy face guy

Impressive tracing on her Gs

The kids love to turn my walkway into a mosaic 

Olivia insisted in joining Brianna in strength training (yes they're using soup cans for weights lol)

Earth Day litter clean up!

Making fine detail clay creations

Hard labour is great Phys. Ed. class! Doesn't matter if you're only 3 and 10, re-gravel the driveway!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2013 Running Season

The girls started training today for the 2013 running season. This will be their 3rd season. Currently Tanya is opting out of the Triathlon, but we'll see how it goes.

Their race schedule for this year is as follows:
May 20th, 9am - 5K
June 12th, 6pm - 5K
July 6th, 11am - 2.5K
Aug 24th, 8am - Triathlon (Brianna, 100m swim, 6K bike, 1.5K run, Tanya (if she goes) 200m swim, 9K bike, 2K run)
Sept 2nd, 9am - 5K
Sept 15th, 10am - 10K

Olivia may be taking part in the July 6th race (for her age group I believe it's a 200m run). She seemed to love watching the girls run last year and pretended to be in the race anyways :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Month In Review (March)

Life has very much gotten in the way lately. My niece, Tanya, is currently staying with us and that just adds an extra kid's worth of busy-ness! Here's what we did in the month of March:

Tanya made a cake for my sister, her mom, for her birthday. She tried a new technique, marbling, for the icing.

 This was the girls 2nd year taking part in the World Education Days. They love it!

Cutting practice. Olivia constantly holds her scissors like this even after being showed how to do it correctly... any ideas to help her?

Her first time doing a pattern page! She got all of the right on the first try, the smart cookie!

My mom is in Culinary School and Olivia loves to help Grandma with her homework!

Tanya got promoted in Air Cadets!

 The age old science experiment of burning stuff with a magnifying glass was a huge hit!

Dot flowers

Tanya and Brianna are taking a bookmaking class this spring.

Olivia's attempts at writing 10. Pretty good I say!

Pre-writing practice. She goes from right to left often, but the lines are getting straighter

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Month in Review - February

My brain is really scattered this pregnancy and I can barely remember to hand out school work, let alone blog about it! So I figured I'd at least pop up some pics for February to still be blogging about school. *Yes, I know it's the 12th of March, but shush!*

Brianna decided to make everyone animals with her Bendaroos. This was a penguin for Grandma

In February, Brianna cut an article out of the newspaper everyday to write an opinion piece on it. Olivia loved to help Brianna glue her articles into her notebook

Olivia's first sunshine drawing

Mystery Class started in February! 

Tracing shapes

Olivia helped make our Valentine's Day cake

Double fisting the markers while working on her Alphabet Book

Our version of a snow day means school turns into Phys. Ed so the driveway can be shovelled!

While out shovelling, Brianna forgot about her glass of water. She was amazed to find an "ice cup" in the bottom of her glass!

Brianna helping Olivia with her pattern sorting bugs.

Coloring caterpillars

Circle stickers for her letter C

Coloring Dora

For some reason she only wanted to write the 1s on this page.

Wooooo for Rosetta Stone! I can't wait to start this in the fall!

Brianna and Tanya's flute practice