Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tot School - Week 2

Our focus for the week:
- Letter B
- Number 2
- Color Blue
- Square Shape
Olivia is 22 mths 
Very concentrated on her coloring!

She was super excited when I brought out these Discovery Toys Bugs. She was even able to pick out a yellow one when asked!

Being silly while counting blocks. She's trying very hard to say the numbers while we're counting and gets a great thrill out of holding my finger and making it move to each block while we're counting.

She wasn't too sure about the 3 piece puzzle. She kept just picking them all up.

She's a big fan of the color yellow.

This time she was pointing out each block herself while I counted them!

She was really into this sticker letter page. I think it's meant for those dot painters, but she loves the stickers and actually did pretty darn good!

Some gross motor work. She lets got of the ball above her head sometimes causing the ball to go behind her, but for the most part it's thrown forward.

More gross motor. She did pretty well zooming the dump truck around the driveway for a good 5 minutes. Even bent over like this, she only tripped twice. (Pardon the crappy lawn, we're in the middle of landscaping right now)

She likes to get up close and personal to her work!

She's really enjoying these lacing cards. She does keep looking for her apple one though lol

Gross motor - This is quite a steep sand hill. She didn't make it to the top, but she made it almost half way up, a lot farther than I thought she would!

Coloring with outside crayons (sidewalk chalk). She was a little weirded out by the side of them compared to her crayons.

Coloring her name

Purple! (She insists these are like her Mr. Wormy from the Baby Einstein videos lol)

I got my printables from:
Confessions of a Homeschooler
Printer Projects
Daycare Resource 

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