Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tot School - Week 1

Our focus for the week:
- Letter A
- Number 1
- Color Red
- Circle Shape
Olivia is almost 22 mths

Olivia is super happy with starting "school" work. Especially when I have her doing school at the same time as Brianna. We're generally doing Tot School with her in the morning, but we've been known to set her up with a coloring page or a lacing card just whenever she wants it.

Daddy helping with school. She's very much interested in US coloring more so than her doing it, but that's ok, we'll work on more HER coloring as we go.

Coloring her circles page. More interested in filling in the circles than trying to copy them.

She just loves these apple cards. One of her favorite words is apple, so even once we're done this week and onto a new theme, I know we'll be using the apple stuff from this week still.

Counting her animals. 
Very serious about her work here!

We don't have dot markers (though I've been looking for them locally!) so we used stickers instead.

Some made it to the page, but then she started sticking them on her hand and yelling for more lol

She loves the lacing cards! I'm not sure if it's just cause there's an apple or not, but I was quite surprised on how much she did with the lacing. Not done in the "proper" way, but I was surprised she had the fine motor to do it at all!

Coloring her number page. I may make our own with less numbers that are larger in size. We're just beginning numbers and counting right now, so I don't think she needs pages that go all the way to 20 yet. Just need to find that outline font!

And coloring the newly available for download shape pictures. It just so happened that the circle one also ties in with our A/apple theme for the week!

I got my printables from:
Confessions of a Homeschooler
Printer Projects
Daycare Resource

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  1. Looks like a very busy week. Your baby girl is so cute;-) I like her intense expression while doing the "A" worksheet.
    Hugs from Poland

  2. I got our dot markers at Dollar Tree --$1 apiece. I think they had five colors?

  3. I have been looking for dot markers too. I found some at Michaels, if you have a store near you, you may have some luck there too!

  4. We don't have Dollar Tree here in Canada, but we do have Micheals! I'll check there next time I'm in the area, thanks!

  5. Maybe Dollarama would have the stickers too?
    I just love your daughter's cute!!