Monday, May 2, 2011

Lightening Up

We're having a lot of home issues right now with hubby's lay off. I've noticed myself snarking at Brianna about things that I normally wouldn't because of stress... not good. We're not going to completely break, cause that would stress me out more, but I'm gonna lighten the load to the basics for a while.


  1. Hang in there! It's stressful and frustrating and scary to have a lay off! When my husband was laid off for 4 1/2 month over summer, I found focusing on the "little things" like reading books outside in the hammock, going for meandering, unhurried walks around the neighborhood, having board game "championship" nights, watching movies from the shelves, and doing some deep cleaning ways to get through a difficult time without spending money. Simplifying our activities (to save on fees and gasoline) was WONDERFUL for special times!


  2. Thanks Jessy. Thankfully we live in a small enough town that we can walk most places and since we're near downtown we're close to the library and their free activities. Soccer was our big HS program that cost money and it's now over (our group does it over the winter), so now we're relying on free programs.

  3. I will pray for work for your husband.....thanks for visiting my blog today!