Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Need More Color Ink!

In printing up some fun stuff for Olivia for Tot School I'm discovering how much color ink is needed for PreK! I mean I love that everything is so colorful but wow! Since starting to HS Brianna I've used 1.5 color cartridges to about 54464 black ones. Just in printing Letter A stuff for Olivia I've used the other half of the color cartridge!

I'm also going to need a LOT more clear contact paper for laminating (and need to find non-texture stuff this time!). Olivia's a fan of crumpling and ripping paper so I KNOW I use way less color ink if I laminate the long term use stuff!


  1. We got through a lot of ink around here too...and I don't have a tot! Did you try printing of economy? I've decided that it's probably cheaper in the long run to just buy workbooks when possible (for my older kids).


  2. Yeah I always print on "fast print". I have a lot of workbooks, but they're more at a PreK level than just starting out.

  3. I am looking for an online copy service to print my colored pages