Thursday, May 5, 2011

Apparently It's Time to Add Tot School!

Olivia (almost 22 mths) decided that she wanted to be homeschooled NOW. She grabbed our snack chart and started taking off and putting on the little velcro markers, over an over

So with a little help from my homeschooling friends on facebook, I made Olivia some of her own velcro charts! Farm animals (which she loves) and colors and shapes (to start introducing them). I wanted them smaller than the snack chart too, so they actually fit on her high chair tray (which is quite small).

 Then I made some smaller matching pictures on this great circle paper (from Donna Young)

I then laminated them all in clear contact paper and added the velcro dots. Poof! 3 brand spankin' new sets, just for Olivia!

She was (not surprisingly) most excited about the animals.

I've added the Tot School button to my sidebar and hope to link up to some fun with them now! Brianna's just over the moon that Olivia has her own "school work" to do!

Tot School


  1. Cute! I love watching them learn at this age! Everything is a wonder!


  2. The velcro charts look great! I think I will try make a few of my own - My daughter loves farm animals too