Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

We're re-vamping school a little right now, both to ease into a lighter summer schedule (we HS year-round) and because of the general stress going on right now because of Lee's layoff.

Monday -Continuing on with Spell By Color, we hit a review this week. There was a word search and crossword with word that fit the spelling words we'd be working on. Brianna had a rough time with the crossword. She doesn't do clues really well (something we'll be working on, logistic skills). I tried to explain to her that the trick to a crossword is looking at the words you've already got and figuring out what the new words are based on the letters already filled in, how many letters the answer is long, ect... also, in the case of the spelling rule review, all of the answers for the crossword fit into the 2 rules being reviewed, silent "e"s and short vowels followed by doubles ("ll", "ss", ect...)

Tuesday - Didn't get much done today other than our daily stuff (handwriting practice, math word problems, grammar and paragraph editing)

Wednesday - We introduced ecosystems with reading a selection from our science book. Brianna started working on labeling the provinces with their land types (Canadian Shield, St. Lawrence Lowlands, ect...) but then melted down for the day. She ended up putting herself to bed early. Obviously a bad day for her.

Thursday - We finally got around to starting our Gr. 3 reading comprehension book. The Gr. 2 one was much too easy. She has a great reading level, but with all the problems we've had with missing pieces from public school we went backwards in a lot of things. Then we had a 3 hour meltdown over math. *sigh*

I decided today to add a bit of Tot School into our days for Olivia. She's been very demanding interested in learning lately and I want to make sure she's not left behind cause I'm focusing on just Brianna's schooling.

Friday - We covered some more money stuff in math. She has a real issue with figuring out which coins will make a certain amount of money with a certain amount of coins. However, since this isn't really a real world issue, I'm not terribly concerned. (While you DO need to know how to make change, I have yet to have a cashier tell me I can only give them a certain amount of coins. As long as the amount of money is correct, they don't seem to care how many coins I hand over.)

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