Saturday, January 10, 2015


Ok, so I suck at keeping up with the blog. Christmas got nuts in my shop and I barely had time to breathe. Even homeschooling took a back seat for the most part.

Brianna did NaNoWriMo in November. She really struggles with writing. We set the lofty goal of 12,000 words. She has struggled before with writing 500, so 12,000 would be a miracle. She did surprise me though with 9,388 words! AMAZING!

In December we completely broke off of scheduled school work and just did homemade gifts. Brianna made a set of wooden blocks for Joshua and a pair of mittens for Olivia. Olivia learned how to hand sew (and super assisted machine sew) made Brianna a set of bean bags for the bean bag toss game. (Pictures later)

This month we're easing back into "real" school work. Brianna's working on Khan Academy and Olivia is working through some kindy workbooks she was given for Christmas. Joshua, unlike Olivia, is completely uninterested in "schoolwork". Meh, whatever, he's 18 mths old.

Brianna has joined Lee and I in a healthy living diet. Brianna doesn't have a lot of weight to lose (though some wouldn't hurt) mainly she just needs some eye opening lessons in nutrition and keeping up with her winter training so next running season isn't as bad (for lack of a better word) as last year.