Friday, March 18, 2011


I discovered today that Brianna NEEDS time limits to do her work. We had been doing that for a while so she'd both get her school work done in less than 12 hours and earn electronics time.

For some reason we stopped timing her a few weeks ago. I SHOULD have noticed this a LOT earlier. Suddenly stuff that WAS taking her a half hour, was now taking more than an hour and a half.

Today I got frustrated at her for how she was taking 40 minutes to copy out 3 words and I blurted out "you have 10 minutes!" BAM! The work got done in less than 10 minutes. Next in line, 4 pages of English work, "you have 30 minutes," she got in done in 34 minutes, but that's WAAAAAY better than the 2+ hrs it would have taken her any other day.

So not surprisingly, we're gonna start using the countdowns again.


  1. this is soooo basically what i said you needed to do =P in the fact that everything should have a seperate time limit.. ahhh i could have saved you weeks of frustration if you had listened to my complete awesomeness!!!! =P

  2. I DID listen to your complete awesomeness! I just stopped after a while lol And we do run on a separate time for each subject. There's NO way Brianna would do everything if I said "you have 2 hours to do ALL your work". She'd take 1 hr 59 minutes to finish the first bit then freak out cause her time is almost up.