Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Day In The Life Of....

I thought it would be fun to do one of these once and a while so I (and everyone else) can see how we progress.

8:22am - Brianna brought Olivia into my bed and the 3 of us had some morning snuggles.

8:30am - I brought Olivia down stairs to start breakfast while Brianna tidied her room and got dressed.

9am - after much dawdling, Brianna came down for breakfast. She asked if yogurt is a healthy breakfast (we've been talking a lot about healthy lately). Sure it is! Add a piece of toast and you're pretty well rounded. 1st load of laundry in the washer

9:30am - Brianna started the whining for the day about her morning chores. Thankfully it didn't take long to get her started and I put Olivia down for her nap (it would make more sense if she just stayed asleep another 1/2 hour even, but if she doesn't go down by 9:30am the rest of the day is shot).

9:40am - School started for Brianna. First is her little daily packet - tracking the weather, handwriting practice, a handful of math word problems and a paragraph of writing (about anything). I started trying to find all of our weather tracking sheets so she can graph last month's weather. The first week of the month is missing and it's in none of either of our binders or books. Thankfully I had one last blank one and go to Weather Underground to re-wroye the weather for that week. 1st load of laundry divided between the dry rack and the dryer.

10am - I opened Microsoft Office to design some new weather sheets since my old file seems to have bit the dust when my computer was virus filled and my BIL had to do some *massive* cleaning. Since the old weather sheets had quite large blocks (that seemed to encourage Brianna to write as large as possible) I made the pages have 2 weeks worth of tracking with much smaller blocks. However, my printer hadn't had enough coffee yet and even after re-setting the thing 5 times I couldn't get more than 3 pages out of it. Oh well, at least I've got 6 weeks worth for now.

10:30am - Brianna started her graphing stuff for the weather. First she finds out what the hottest and coldest temps were for the month (+9C - -16C in this case). Next she tracks how many times we had sunny/cloudy/ect... days. One her first graph she plots the temperatures for the am, noon and pm and colors them different colors.  

11am - I can hear Olivia signing to her puppy in her crib.

11:30am - Olivia's finally had enough of playing and has shouted UP! Which translates to get me out of here!

11:35am - After settling down Olivia with lunch, I harp on ask Brianna to finish up her graph. She'd been staring off into space for most of the time and was only about 1/2 done.

12pm - Olivia's done eating and tried to grab at Brianna's markers so I set her up with some crayons and paper. 2nd load of laundry in the washer

12:15pm - Olivia's now coloring her highchair so out she goes. Immediately boots it upstairs to harass Grandma.

12:30pm - Brianna's finally done her graph (sloppily) and found some lunch. Her choice of Mr. Noodles was just a *bit* less healthy than her excitement over healthy yogurt for breakfast.

1pm - packed the kids up to head to the library. I needed to photocopy some pages from our new Health book and get a new "baby movie" (Baby Einstein) for Olivia. Brianna found a new Geronimo Stilton book she hadn't read and I piled on some nutrition books. Also renewed my copy of The Ultimate Book of Homeschooling Ideas (awesome book!).

1:50pm - already 20 minutes late, popped Olivia off to bed. Sorted 2nd load between the dry rack and dryer... aww crap... the towels from the first load weren't dry yet.

2pm - Brianna read one of her new books while I caught up on this post and gather papers for our health class today.

2:20pm - having a snack of yogurt, Brianna did her spelling test and math sheets.

2:35pm - Got started on her 2nd graph which tracks how many sunny/cloudy/ect... days we've had. This graph got done waaaaaaay faster than the other one.

2:50pm - Introduced the Healthy March calendar. Today is planning healthy breakfast for the week. Brianna actually thought of Wed-Sun's breakfasts all on her own! Then we went through the Canadian Food Guide to look at healthy serving sizes and how much a child of her age needs. She was quite surprised.

3:20pm - She chose to write about her day in her blog for computer time. We really need to work on her typing. It's beyond slow and peck-typing.

3:45pm - Olivia woke up and Brianna finished up the tidying/sweeping of the living room.

4pm - the girls sat down to a bowl of raisins for a snack. Brianna was surprised to see that an actual single serving of raisins is so small.

4:20pm - Brianna went off to play with her neighbourhood friend Lyric, Olivia watched her baby movie and I mopped floors, hoping Lee'll be home soon!

4:50pm - Floors are done, Lee just got home, guess I'll do some dishes....

5:15pm - 2nd load of laundry in the dryer.

5:25pm - the girls came inside to play while Olivia stole bites of bread from Daddy.

5:45pm - 3 way massive snuggle on the couch with me, Olivia and Lee.

5:55pm - Olivia rans away, Brianna's friend went home and Lee kicked me off the computer... off to fold and put away laundry (with lots of 19 mth old help)

6:10pm - Supper making time - chicken fries, veggies and one of those pasta side dish things. Brianna gone through the toy room to clean and get rid of things she doesn't want.

7:10pm - bath time for Olivia and back to sorting for Brianna. She whined however that she'd rather read lol

7:25pm - Brianna brought me quite a large things she's willing to get rid of. I'm both surprised and happy :) Now she's doing the vacuuming while I clean up supper.

7:40pm - Brianna's done and started reading bedtime stories to Olivia.

7:50pm - Olivia and Lee have gone to bed (he gets up at 3am for work), Brianna chose to read school books for her required reading, I called the tax place for the 3rd time today to find out whats going on.

8:10pm - tax place is awesome *sarcasm* We MAY find out tomorrow what's going on.

8:30pm - Brianna headed off to bed and I hung out on my Secular Homeschool board (where they're doing a really cool giveaway for a Timeline Playmat from Charlie's Playhouse!)

8:40pm - I realized we're almost out of coffee (which is a crime) so hoofed it to the grocery store to pick up some before it closes. Walking back from the store, I see flashing lights at my house. *Heart attack in a bowl* Hoofed it a little faster and discover it's just some police cars blocking the road next to my house so a van can be towed. *phew*

9pm - Walked into the house to find Lee sitting on the computer. WTH?! "I wasn't sleeping!" Yeah, that's why you just asked me why I went up town when I had to shake you 3 times to wake you up to TELL you I was going to go pick up coffee *roll eyes* Get back to bed!

9:45pm - Realized that tomorrow is Dr. Suess' birthday. Crap! Gotta find some fun stuff to do!

10:35pm - wow, you'd think with how much hype goes on about the read across America thing with the good Dr.'s bday there'd be more out there! I managed to find a colorable bookmark, a couple word searches and some basic coloring pages. Oh well, Brianna'll love it.

10:45pm - Lee forgot to put out the garbage and recycling... craaaaap. I don't mind putting out the garbage but the recycling weighs a ton!

11:10pm - This mama is off to bed!


  1. I LOVE this description of your day! I especially like that you included the real stuff as well as just the fun parts.

    Thanks for the Secular Homschool and Weather Underground links, too - I'd never seen either of them before.

  2. And here I thought I found your blog on the Secular Homeschool board! Your welcome for the links :)