Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lego Creation Thursday - Late

Oops! I forgot to take some pics of Brianna's creations over the week, but we had a great Lego day with Isaac on Saturday. Here's some of the fun!

Brianna's open-air airplane

This was it's landing pad

Isaac with the items him and I made

Non-Lego robot, space car, Pokemon's Chimchar, a scooter, and Chimchar's house with an XL chimney and strangely a nuclear power plant on the roof
Check out other Lego creations at My Blessings From Above!


  1. Cool Legos! We're not participating this week since we're not home, but my kids are always building something! Fun stuff!


  2. Very cool Lego creations! Thanks for linking up! It is perfectly fine to post other than Thursday. The link stays active until the next Lego Creation Thursday! :-)

  3. Thanks for letting me know Michele!