Friday, March 11, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

Monday - We did some Dictionary Skills work which proved to me that we need something better than our XL children's dictionary. Of 15 words, Brianna (and I) only found 4 of them!

Tuesday - Another bit of Dictionary Skills work. This time we were able to use the children's dictionary.

Wednesday - Brianna worked on some non-looking-like-finger-painting finger painting. She painted a little forest that turned out pretty nice! (especially for someone who has very little experience with paint)

Thursday - See alllllll about our lovely day here.

Friday -Brianna had 2 days of work to do today but did get them all done. She decided that since there was too much to do, since she didn't yesterday, that she should miss soccer. Of course, it took her longer than normal to finish up school, but once she was done she got to watch a "school movie" (little 30 min educational DVDs from the library on specific topics). She even asked to watch another one! I think these will definitely be a regular part of our schooling!

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  1. Our Children's Dictionary never seemed to work for us either. It was TOO hit-and-miss, so we switched to the HUGE Websters even with during the younger years. Beautiful forest! Stopping in from Weekly Wrap-up!