Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Earned Time

Since we had SUCH a wonderful day yesterday *sarcasm* I forgot to post about our new systems.

The folder system is working great. Makes the day totally flow better. Brianna knows exactly what she's doing, in what order. She's not happy with the order sometimes, but otherwise it's a great system.

The dawdling system I know will take longer to really go into effect, but I'm liking it. Per Kassie's comment on the last post I broke it down to how much time each subject will take. But then I got to thinking. If she breaks her time on the 1st or 2nd subject of the day, so doesn't earn her star, where's the incentive to keep working? So I decided that all time leftover is earned electronics time. I don't allow very much electronics (to most families known as screen time) during the school week so Brianna likes this idea.

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