Thursday, March 10, 2011

Battle of the Wills

Today was fun *sarcasm*

As I posted earlier, our day started at 5am. Brianna started school work at 6am. I figured she'd be done before Olivia even got up and have the day to herself. Maybe catch up on some of her library books, watch some school movies, ect...

SO didn't happen that way! She started her day with a packet of 5 math sheets, part of her catch up work, it was Gr. 1 rounding to the nearest 10. Because there were 5 pages I knew it wouldn't be a 5 minute job. What I didn't think was that it would turn into a *14 HOUR* job. Yup, you read that right. Fourteen Hours.

She decided around 9am that she just wasn't gonna do it.

Me: "Ok, fine, but you'll sit there doing nothing."
Brianna: "I'm waiting for bedtime"
Me: "You realize that's 11 hours from now?"
Brianna: "Yup!"

Alrighty then. At 10:30am I warn her that we're leaving to run errands shortly and while obviously she'll come with us, it'll be a hand-on-cart day and she'll go back to work when we get back. Nope, she says she's still not gonna do it when we get back.

We come back from errands around noon. Lunch. Back to sitting, doing nothing. I refuse to get mad and start yelling cause I'm assuming that's what she's waiting for. Me to start fighting with her and send her to her room (cause then she'd be able to nap off the 5am wake up!). Not gonna happen.

I do however try to make sure that she understands what's going on. I explain to her that her only punishment for getting up to play on the computer at 5am was that she had to stay up and no napping. Otherwise, she was free to finish her work and have the rest of the day to play. She even pipped in about how her neighbour friend would be home since buses were canceled due to the weather. Yup, she could finish her work and go play with her friend.

Still no go.

Lee comes home, I explain the situation to him and book it for the couch to get a cat nap. When I get up, Brianna's still just sitting at the table. Oh boy. We talk again. I explain that because she has been willfully refusing to do her work she'll have to do today and tomorrow's work tomorrow if she won't do it today. And because of that she'd miss soccer. Brianna just stares at me.

FINALLY as supper is about to be served, she decides to finish the worksheet. Took her 20 minutes. So after 14 freaking hours, she takes a piddly 20 minutes and finishes. *roll eyes*

On an interesting note, she decided on her own that she should miss soccer tomorrow to catch up on her work.

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  1. Your title says it all. I have been there, many times, with my son. He is the one that did this type of stuff with me. In my opinion, you did the right thing, not changing your point at all, letting her know that she had to do the work, no matter how long it would take. Good for you!
    I don't share negative stuff in general on my blog, but that doesn't mean we only have perfect days LOL!!!