Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

Running late this week *blush*

Monday - Brianna was caught cheating again off the answer keys in the back of the book *sigh* While it's convenient to me, I guess I need to take them out of all the books.

Tuesday - We started our health unit. I was able to find some great links (Kids Health and Elementary Health are my faves) to help us along. Brianna chose to read school books on nutrition for her reading time. Today was also World Math Day, but with all the problems we're having even finding her level in math, we skipped out.

Wednesday - World Spelling Day! Brianna thought this was great since she loves spelling. It took us a while to discover that you needed to use sound to play (we thought you were supposed to guess then spell the word needed). We also did some Dr. Seuss stuff since it was his birthday!

Thursday - Tax Day! We took the day off school since we had zillions of running around to do.

Friday - First of we had some shop class when the delivery people came to bring our new stove. Brianna helped remove the back panel to check out some wiring and such. We also had a movie - Friction. I think I'll be adding these more often! I picked up some ebooks for school (more in this post). AND we got a new computer! It's so nice to have a current computer that moves faster than molasses in January! It'll be so much nicer for doing school stuff :)

Saturday - normally Sat isn't included in my Weekly Wrap-Up but this Sat we had a field trip! The local River Institute does monthly seminars but normally they fall on weekends that we're in Ottawa. This one we were able to make. We got to learn about the geological history of the area. Brianna was thrilled! Her 2 favorite subjects, History and Science! More about this in another blog post.

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  1. You did the World Spelling Day!! We had fun with that too.
    Sounds like a good week, we're still waiting for one piece of paper to do our taxes..
    The field trip sounds great!

  2. I also have a daughter that is tempted by the answers in the back, sigh! Sounds like you had a good week. Thanks for sharing.