Thursday, March 17, 2011

Medical Break

We've been school-less for the last 2 days. On Wednesday, Brianna went on a cleaning spree in the morning (desperate to help with "spring cleaning") so we figured we'd do school in the afternoon. Well after lunch the girls were playing and apparently Brianna tried to pick Olivia up by her forearms and popped her elbow out of socket.

So we skipped school to head to the hospital cause while I *know* how to put it back in, I'm afraid of screwing it up. There, we got in very quickly (skipping the usual 3+ hr wait) and the dr popped Olivia's elbow back in. He told us to go back to the waiting room and get her to play and use the arm. No go. He felt around some more, said it should be fine, but if she's still favouring it the next day to bring her back.

We *might* have gotten 3 hours sleep. Otherwise Olivia was up all night crying. Even snuggling her/rocking her wasn't doing anything. In the morning she was still in pain and not using the arm. Back to the hospital.

The Drs order xrays. THAT was fun *sarcasm* Olivia just *loves* to be restrained. While we're waiting for the orthopedists number a nurse puts her in a splint. Really cool actually, looked like an oversized maxi pad (think the ones for after birth) that kinda freezes into place. While she wasn't too fond of him putting the thing on her, once it was ON, she was a whole new toddler! It was like "heeeeeeey! this thing makes my arm not get hurt more!"

Theeeeeeen they say they need to re-do the x-rays *sigh* Lovely. More screaming. Brianna's freaking cause Olivia's freaking. Oh boy. Good news was, when they were done torturing Olivia the second time they had gotten a hold of the ortho and we could see him in about a half hour instead of waiting until next week (bonus of her being so young).

So we head over there, Dr checks her out, she's again pissed cause he's moving her arm. She's got a full range of motion but is refusing (or can't) to do it herself. He says the x-rays show that nothings broken, but there's a build up of fluid in her elbow that's probably causing the problem. Re-wrap her in the splint and we're told to un-wrap it everyday to see if she'll use it on her own. We'll go back Monday to see if there's anything else that needs to be done.

She is DEFINITELY happier with the splint on. She was able to nap this afternoon and fell asleep no problem tonight. Hopefully she'll sleep through even once the Tylenol wears off and we'll check her movements in the morning.

She insists on hanging the splint off the side of her highchair

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