Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

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Because of the shocking cold temps (compared to last week), the girls did very little running and no biking.
Training Records
Brianna's run - 3 mins 2 sec
Tanya's run - 2 mins 58 sec

MondayTuesday My mind is totally blank as to what we did these 2 days and I've been just *awesome* at writing everything down lately...

Wednesday - Tanya was sick so stayed home. Brianna expressed surprise when she "only had this much work to do". I explained that she had the normal amount of work, but it certainly does go faster when she actually works instead of spending half her time off in lala land!

Thursday - Brianna decided to really buckle down. The night before I asked her to start on her work as soon as she was done breakfast cause she had French at my sisters and we had an otherwise busy day ahead. When I got up she was almost done! By 10:30am she had all her school work and morning chores completed! And she asked me to lay out her school work again for the next day to work on it again first thing. A sign of good things to come?

Friday - Brianna again worked on school work first thing in the morning. A lot slower than Thursday, but still got everything done before noon.

We were gifted 2 cases of butter popcorn flavoured rice cakes and I think the girls would have been happy to swim in them if I let them lol Guess what school snack will be for the next 347 years?

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