Friday, March 9, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

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Monday - World Education Games this week! Monday was World Spelling Day

Tuesday - World Math Day! We also did last week's Mystery Class data/graphing (ugh, I hate that we fell behind on this!)

Wednesday - World Science Day! The Science section of the World Education Games is brand new this year and they experienced a server overload of sorts. Tanya was able to complete 3 rounds in 2 hours. She *should* have been able to complete all 50 in that time. Brianna was able to get on at random points through the evening

Also, we caught up on some journal pages for Mystery Class. Questions about Time was one of them. They had to come up with a bunch of questions that could be asked about time. Then I made them try to answer them - without Google. Hehehe, evil teacher. Research the old fashioned way! (which yes, makes me old since we didn't have Google for most of my schooling either).

Thursday - World Science Day part 2! Brianna finished up her Science Day first thing in the morning and Tanya was able to speed through her (it took her less time to do 47 rounds than it did to do 3 the day before...)

Friday - Got the girls running info together for the year. They're registered for their first 5K of the year for Victoria Day, May 21st. They've also got 4 other races:

June 13th - 5K
July 7th - Kids Fun Run, 2.5K
Aug 18th - Triathlon, swim 100m, bike 6K, run 1.5K
Sept 3rd - 5K
We're just waiting for the last of the snow/ice to melt from the bike path and they'll start their training!

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