Friday, March 2, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

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Monday - We missed out on the journal work for last week's Mystery Class. I caught a "half listening" block in the girls work. The question was how could we tell from the data and graphs which mystery locations were in the southern or northern hemispheres. The answer of course was looking to see what locations were losing or gaining daylight, but the girls thought it would work just by looking at the photo periods. Nope! I showed them how 2 places could be thousands of miles from each other and yet have the same amount of daylight. Hehehe says the amused teacher ;)

Tuesday - I had Brianna focus on paragraphs. She likes to write sometimes (like her penpals), but for the most part her "paragraphs" are still quite fragmented. We'll continue to work on them over the rest of the week.

Wednesday - Leap Day! We made up a Leap Year time capsule and made a Leap Day snack.

Thursday - The girls got a school free day since it's my sister's birthday, but Tanya did end up with an impromptu Home Ec class!

Friday - This was a day of frustration. Tanya was late again and didn't even complete the work I had sent home with her on Monday, let alone her extra work that she brought home on Wednesday. Brianna got an impromtu free day out of it while Tanya spent the day catching up on irresponsibility. Here's hoping for lessons learned and a better week next week!

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