Saturday, March 17, 2012

Homeschool Mom's Journal

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In my life this week… The temperatures are strangely warm for our area for March, so we're slowly starting Spring Clean Up in the yard and planning our re-designing of this hugely over grown yard that had at least a year of not being taken care of before we moved in.
In our homeschool this week… The girls are going to be a big part in the yard re-design this year, learning all the things they need to know about planning a garden space, re-seeding a lawn, laying a patio, ect... Right now the girls are excited to be part of the planning, I imagine it'll be a little less exciting once the hard work starts lol
My favorite thing this week was… seeing the girls excitement over the bugs at the invertebrates workshop that we went to as opposed to the typical girls "ewww bugs" reaction.
Questions/thoughts I have… I was quite excited for the math curriculum I got for Brianna. It's Jump at Home and I thought it would be great for her cause it's super broken down in each step to learn new math. Unfortunately the beginning of the workbook is SUPER simple to the point that even Brianna's asking "I thought this was Gr. 4!". Thankfully it soon leaves simple adding and subtracting and goes into multiplication. 
Things I’m working on… Finding a good full free printable English curriculum for Tanya with emphasis on grammar instead of phonics *sigh*
I’m cooking… up a storm for mine and my sister's St. Patrick's Day party today!

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