Friday, March 2, 2012

Home Ec - Over the Phone

Today is my sister's birthday. Tanya is a sufficient enough cook to make a box cake 100% on her own... except today!

Problem #1 - She called me in near tears that the first part of her cake started falling apart when she took it out of the pan and she knew the 2nd one was going to do the same since it was all cracked. Now I know she's "fixed" a cake with icing before, so I knew it had to be pretty bad.

Since we moved before Christmas I am now a lot further from her than before. Add to that only having one car (which was with mom at work) and there being a snow storm going on, I knew there was no way I'd be able to go there to help. Enter brain racking.

Pinterest is my new Google, so I hopped on Pinterest and typed broken cake into the search bar... nothing interesting. Tried crumbed cake... BINGO! Cake balls! I've never seen the excitement in these so never even thought of it.

Problem #2 - All Tanya had was the cake and a can of icing. Nothing to decorate cake balls with. Boo. *I* have decorating stuff, but then re-enters the problem of being too far away. I called my sister (who was out to dinner with my BIL oops!) and asked if my nephew would be allowed to walk here and back if he was willing in the storm. She said sure, but if he didn't want to, they could swing by on their way home. Not surprisingly, my nephew didn't want to walk in the storm, so I texted Lisa back to come over.

Problem #3 - When Tanya went to microwave the chocolate chips to melt them, the microwave gave up to the ghost. Poor kid. Enter Home Ec part 2! I introduced her to double boiling. Unfortunately that also takes longer.

Thankfully after all that, it worked out! I'm still waiting on a picture though. Giving lessons over the phone is a total pain! I musta been on the phone with her over an hour lol

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