Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

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Training Records:
   Brianna - run - 2 mins, 49 sec
               - bike - 3 mins 27 sec
   Tanya   - run - 2 mins 35 sec
               - bike - 3 mins 15 sec
   Mom    - run - 3 mins 45 sec

Monday - The girls started their training for the year. We're starting out with some light daily exercise, multiple .3 mile runs and .7 mile bikes. The distances will be upped as we go and I figure out new routes for them. In my weekly wrap ups I'll now be including their records for the week. My mom is also sort of training, as she promised to run one of their 5Ks with them. Whether she runs in the first one or last one, we're not sure. She's doing a hell of a lot better than we thought she would (herself included!) since she hasn't run as long as I've been alive and spent most of those years 250+lbs.

Tuesday - A fairly quiet day of enjoying the weather and getting a couple basics done.

Wednesday - We were supposed to go to homeschool swimming today. Normally in the name of fun stuff, I'll put aside school for the moment and come back to it later in the day or the next day. However, the girls have been doing their best to dawdle. Come to find out that not only has Tanya been blowing of the work *I* give her for the days she's not here, but also the work my sister gives her.

Thursday - The girls started their French course with my sister. They're using Living Language (books and CDs as well as flashcards and games on the site). This week they focused on polite and familiar greetings. On Wednesdays, they'll review last week's lesson with me and if they've mastered it, they'll move on to the next lesson the next day at my sister's.

Friday - We finally got to last week's geography class. We got to figure out the longitude clues to see approximately where the locations are east or west of Greenwich, England (Prime Meridian). The girls were quite interested to see that 3 of the locations we're within 5 degrees longitude from Greenwich, but of course those locations can be anywhere on that line of longitude.


  1. WOW! a 5K! I am not sure if I could do that ((blush)

    I would also love to teach another language to my child,something I think I will look into when he gets a bit older, thanks for the idea :)

    Keri~ A home-school momma who is THANKFUL for her son’s Kindergarten Online Curriculum

  2. The girls will actually be running 3 5Ks, a 2.5K and a kids Triathlon this year :) I know I couldn't do it either lol! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I'm impressed with their training--sounds like fun.