Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Unsupervised Science Experiment

Brianna's favorite subject is Science. Most of the time this is great! Sometimes, like today, it's a source of huge frustration.

Brianna has always been a mixer. Typically it's be full bottles of shower gel, facial scrub, shampoo, ect... while in the bath tub. HUGE waste of money, yes, but nothing absolutely horrible. Today it was vinegar, laundry soap and BLEACH in my WASHING MACHINE. And then she LEFT IT ALL IN THERE! Thankfully, I smelled the bleach and wondered about it since I hadn't used bleach in 2 days. 

So I did a science experiment of my own. I poured some of the bleach into a bowl and dipped an old red towel into it and showed her what would have happened to all her favorite clothes if I had done laundry without noticing the bleach. Expected horrified reaction - check. *fingers crossed* she thinks first from now on!

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