Saturday, January 29, 2011


I went to my "teacher store" today (Scholar's Choice) and picked up a few workbooks. 

Since Brianna seems to be having troubles with the wordings of word problems in math I picked up a Grade 2 and Grade 3 book on daily word problems. I figure I'll start her in the Gr. 2 book simply cause then she'll be able to see the easier problems and "get" the math for it. As she progresses, the math and the wording get more difficult, but starting her where it'll be easier for her will help her understand the word problems at her level better.

I also picked up this Map Skills workbook for a bit of reading map help before we start our Canadian Geography unit. It's a Canadian map book so when it shows actual maps, it focuses on Canada, which is nice. 

I also picked up their catalog so I can drool away from the computer :D


  1. I always get in trouble when i pick up a catalog to browse at home lol!!
    While at target they had those 1 dollar workbooks with like really basic subtraction and i almost bought some for you but figured by the time i got them in the mail Brianna would be a master at subtraction by then!!! (i'm talking like 4 apples minus 2 apples so REALLY REALLY basic with pictures for most of it!)

  2. Yeah, the catalog is already proving to be a bad thing LOL!
    Brianna, thankfully, is past the super basic adding and subtracting. Those dollar workbooks can be really good though. I have several of them floating in our more expensive books.