Monday, January 31, 2011


Today we added learning handwriting to our daily school work. Brianna is thrilled. She immediately wanted to write her name. I explained she needs to learn to form the letters then she'll be able to write her name. She did pretty good for the first day. Some wiggly letters, but not bad. She's happy this'll be part of her everyday stuff.

I can't believe the end of this week will be the end of our 2nd term! Right now we're doing 6 week terms for Brianna (and Daddy) to see how she's progressing. That means we've been at it for 12 weeks now! It seems like only a few weeks ago that we started!

She's really liking the new system we started (here and here). So far she's earned 4 stars towards her 20 for a free day, and is liking earning her electronics time each day. We've also decided that if she wants she can save her earned time and add it to the next day to make it a longer period.

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