Friday, January 14, 2011


Couple new things going on around here. 

First off, I was tired of hearing what am I doing today? What am I doing next? So I bought a file folder of sorts. It has 7 regular sized file compartments and an extra expandable section that can fit her larger workbooks.

Now I can put everything in order of how it's gonna be done, workbooks or worksheets included. In the case of her larger workbooks, I've put them at the back in the expandable compartment and then left a sticky note on the next file to tell her which book and which pages.

This will also make grading easier as I'll have all the books and papers I need in one spot rather than having to go through all her binders and workbooks. Then, once I'm done grading, I can load up the next day's work.

Second change is for the amount of dawdling. I came across this on a blog I follow and thought what a great idea! Of course, like most homeschoolers do, I found an idea I like and changed it around some to suit our family.

I'm going to estimate how long it should take Brianna to complete *all* of her school work, adding a bit of extra time for the random drink/bathroom breaks and set a timer towards that.

I'm not sure if I'll do an actual bingo sheet or just make it adding up to a specific amount of days. But since we already have a reward system of sorts in place I figured I needed something else as a reward for no dawdling. So I thought, what about a day off with no school once she hits that number/fills her card? She's asked me about PA/PD days like school, so I figure it'll be a hit! 


  1. I absolutely love this idea!!! I really really hope it works out for you!!! =D

    I think how I would tweak it (but just my opinion on the whole matter) would be to have each subject have a certain amount of time and if she completes all 7 for the day then she gets the point for the day! basically what you said except i think if i told my kid you have 5 hours to get everything done today that that might be overwhelming and instead i'd have a sticky note on your file folders with things like this worksheet you have 20 minutes to work on .. i just think a lot of littles instead of one big number would be easier to understand! KWIM?

    And i love that her kid is randomly Brianna the dawddler as well! =D ahhh the irony

  2. That's a great tweak Kassie!

    And yes, I loved that her 3rd grade dawdler was Brianna too lol