Saturday, January 22, 2011


We've been working on an Aboriginals unit for the last couple weeks. Brianna loves "olden day" stuff, so it's right up her alley. She's terrible at listening to someone read and actually paying attention so we've been working on that too. 

We've found lots of good stuff (for various subjects) through the Canadian publisher Popular Books Company. We're also using the book How Canada Became Canada: Before Canada: Prehistory - 1523. The series of How Canada Became Canada is great because it goes from the book we're using now, all through Canadian History up to 1984 - Present and Modern-Day Aboriginal People. There's another series of books I plan on using later too (but I don't have any here to talk about them). I know the books above are meant for Gr. 4-6 and Gr. 6-10 but another beauty of homeschooling is working at whatever level works for that one child.

So anyways, right now we're working on the original settlers of Canada (the Aboriginals who came over on the Land Bridge) and we're gonna work our way up. Next up, the, what I consider, boring 200-300 years of a bunch of explorers coming through. Then we'll hit pioneers in Canada. This, Brianna will love. We're reading through the Little House books and she's also reading the Canadian Girl book series, both of which she loves.


  1. are you learning about all the regions and stuff?! What i know about the Aboriginals is limited to what I saw at the olympics lol!

  2. LMAO! Of course we're learning of all the regions and such. The Olympics covered VERY little of our First Nations background.