Monday, January 3, 2011

Daily Reading

I've implemented daily reading into our homeschool. Not something Brianna would be graded on or anything but just a requirement. Brianna loves reading. She'll tell you that. But, especially with Christmas just passing but even in general, since she's home a LOT more now she's currently in an "overwhelmed with things to do" state. Even though she loves reading, she rarely finds time for herself to stop and grab a book. 

At the beginning of our HSing journey we did a reading goal to be completed by New Years Eve. She decided that 25 books in 6 weeks was do-able. I thought she'd by far pass it since she loves reading so much. In the end, after getting so easily distracted, she only made it to 22 books read. Even she was disappointed in this. In looking at her reading log, we noticed there was a gap of NO books read for over 2 weeks.

Hence starting the required reading. I know it won't be needed forever, just until she "remembers" how much she loves to read. So today we started out our 30 minute minimum. She ended up finishing one of her books that she had been dragging through for weeks.

Today she made a goal of 30 books read by Feb 28th. Again (and especially with the required reading) I think this level is too low. Especially since she immediately asked me if she could keep reading after she hit 30. Well of COURSE!

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  1. I need to do something like this for my boys. I need to strengthen their reading.