Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Can't Believe I Forgot to Post!

One of our frustrations for the week was discovering Brianna could not understand the idea of borrowing in subtraction. I explained to her that I was not mad at her for not knowing, but mad at the school for failing her. I could not believe that by Gr. 3, she had not learned borrowing (we went through the same thing towards the end of the year in Gr. 2 with carrying in addition).

I even went through the math book the school had given me when I pulled her (the very one they were using in the classroom). Sure enough, simple subtraction was right there. How is it that they are only teaching simple subtraction in GRADE 3!? I was floored. I remember learning simple subtraction in Gr. 1 and 2!

I thought it was bad enough that she couldn't tell time on an analog clock. But, rationally, I gave that the world is going digital and I'm just anally hanging on to analog. So fine, no analog clocks. But subtraction?! *sigh*

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