Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Homeschooling and Divorce

I have read several things the last couple days that make me realize how lucky I am.

My ex and I don't have a custody agreement at all. It's verbal. When I told him about homeschooling the only thing he had to say was could *I* handle it (being having Brianna home all the time with her current behavioural issues). He didn't question whether I had lost my mind or that there was no way I could teach her, just whether I thought I could handle it.

I'm now seeing how much problems he could have caused but didn't. He's even purchased curriculum for us and helps with Brianna's French (his family is French, I am very much not). If I'm having issues with Brianna dawdling or whatever, he speaks on my behalf to her rather than telling me just to put her back in school.

As funny as it sounds, I feel very lucky to have divorced the person I did. 


  1. Apprendre le fran├žais, c'est facile!

  2. Embrasse mon cul (I love Google translate!)

  3. I wish my husband's ex-wife was half as lovely as you.

  4. It's encouraging to hear this. I am just now homeschool preschooling, and I'm not sure if I will homeschool beyond Preschool or not. But I'm fairly certain that my kids' father would not approve if I chose to. We'll have to cross that bridge when we get there I suppose.

  5. That is wonderful! I went through quite a lot trying to convince my ex not to fight me in homeschooling our daughter. It was something he'd agreed to while we were married (before she was in school) but that changed with our divorce. While I do technically have decision-making rights in our joint custody agreement, it would have been very hard if he hadn't gotten on board with the idea.

    He has never paid for anything homeschool-related, but he has realized how fabulously our daughter is doing now that we are 5 years down the homeschooling road.