Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wilderness Wednesday

Oops! I posted this a day early lol

Today's focus is on birds. While driving out of town, in a big city, we saw a not-so-big-city bird...

 A Wild Turkey! Now what she was doing in the middle of a large city, who knows. We discussed how we knew it was a she cause Brianna learned how only the male turkeys do the gobble-gobble sound, while females have more of a chicken sound.
 Amazingly in the same yard the turkey was wandering around in, we spotted a cardinal! I've never seen one so up close before, man are they bright!
 Back at home we have an abundance of robins this time of year and managed to snap pics of a Mr. and Mrs. Robin pair. Mrs. Robin above, and Mr. Robin getting quite close to us (about 5 feet away) below.

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