Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Our First Lapbook!

We finally got to finishing our Aboriginals lapbook. Brianna kept putting it off and putting it off and finally today I just said "we're doing the lapbook". By the end of it she kept talking about how much more fun it was than she thought! I'd been telling her from the start that lapbooks are supposed to be fun, but I guess she didn't believe me.

And now... *drum roll please* Our first lapbook! (Pardon the basic-ness of it!)

Pardon my fingers, it won't stay closed and I need to buy some brads

Opened up

Even further



About the Bering Land Bridge

Areas of Canada and the common Aboriginal groups

Clothing (we did study this as 1400s-1700s)

An interesting recipe using the "Three Sisters" (corn, squash and beans)


  1. Great job! Will you be doing another? We LOVE lapbooks here, but my older kids aren't into them anymore. (Good thing I have a younger son! LOL)


  2. Oh yes! Now Brianna's excited about them and wanting to know what we're gonna do next!

  3. That's awesome! We really enjoy doing lapbooks too. Congrats on your first one :)

  4. Hi there,

    My son is learning about aboriginals at school and I Was wondering what resources you used . Thanks