Friday, April 29, 2011

Garden Update

We're linking up with The Homeschool Village's Garden Challenge for the 2nd month! See the first post here.

Up here in the Frozen North (otherwise know as Canada), it's still too cold for planting, but we should be able to start in a few weeks! So right now, we're renovating the backyard and watching the Spring Perennials grow.

Our Bleeding Heart with a couple Day Lilies trying to grow within it

Our random daffodils that no one planted lol

First Hyacinth growth!

The first tulip popping up

Our expanded garden and a peek at our new patio and walkway
Brianna was a really big help in expanding the garden. We had to remove a section of sod about 12 feet by 4 feet. She helped by picking out as many worms out of the sod (to toss back into the garden) and shaking off the excess dirt before tossing the sod into yard bags. She also made sure all none garden stuff was out of the garden (sticks, pine cones, ect...). Now we just wait patiently to be told the last chance of frost is gone!


  1. Sounds like a great start to the gardening season. And bleeding hearts are one of my favorite flowers.

  2. Sounds like you got a great little helper there :)

  3. hooray - no snow on the ground! That's fantastic! Thanks for linking up and sharing !!!