Friday, April 15, 2011

Used Book Heaven!!!

Over the last month I've had 3 opportunities to hit used book sales. Even prior to HSing, I've always been a book worm and used book sales have always made me drool. Now doing HSing, it just gives me justification to buying loads of books!

At the local library's book sale:
The Illustrated Natural History of Canada series of 12 hardcover books
Know-It-All Animals
Black Beauty
Essential Facts
MSB Dinosaur Detectve
The General Basic English Dictionary
Little Women

At Value Village:
101 Great Science Experiments
The Macmillan School Atlas (of Canada)
Usborne First Encyclopedia of Space
Usborne First Encyclopedia of Seas and Oceans
Usborne First Encyclopedia of Our World
Usborne First Encyclopedia of Animals
Usborne Great Planet Earth Search

At a Homeschoolers Sale:
Pet Shop Origami
Springtime Origami
Je Revise Avec Mon Enfant Francais (a 2nd grade French book)
The Big Book of Knowledge
Pioneer Projects
Literature Circle Guide - Shiloh
Hooray for Fraction Facts
Gr. 4 Reading
Gr. 4 Math
Gr. 3/4 Spelling Booster
Real Live Science
Beginning to Print
On the Road to Learning
Watch Me Learn
Discovery Toys Busy Bugs

All in all I spent 43.93 for the whole above list. However, (cause I'm a geek like that and figured it out...) the above list of books is WORTH a grand total of (approx) $643!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP I saved like $600!

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