Friday, April 15, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

Very short week here, both kids were down for the count for 3 days with nasty colds.

Monday - We started our new science unit on plants and such. Brianna's super excited cause she loves all things involved in growing stuff. We'll be done about the time it gets to be garden planting time around here.

Friday - She started on her Gr. 2 math. It's a lot closer to her level. Hopefully after working through this book and the worksheets I found online, we'll be able to move to Gr. 3 where she should be if the schools actually taught her what she was supposed to be learning in Gr. 2 and while she was still there in Gr. 3.

We finally got to check out the lima beans that had been soaking since Monday (we were supposed to dissect them on Tues). Brianna tried to pick on apart but it wasn't working too well so I cut the other one open with a knife. We discussed the embryo and the starting of the plant and how the plant feeds on the seed until the root system grows. She was over the moon picking apart the seeds and drawing a diagram of it.

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  1. Sorry you guys have been sick, but it really is great she likes science/nature jouraling so much.

  2. Hope everyone is on the mend. Sounds like a fun science activity.