Friday, April 1, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

Woooo! We actually got a full week in this week!

Monday - We're doing a lot of math right now to get the Gr. 1 stuff out of the way. A while back, we discovered that Brianna seemed to be missing a lot of basic math facts that she should have learned in public school and didn't, so we went back to Gr. 1 in that subject. Provided we hit no snags, we'll be done by the end of next week and can move into Gr. 2 (which really means I need to pick up some Gr. 2 work!)

Tuesday -Today was an amazing day. Brianna was super speedy in her school work and begged to do extra chores. I love this kid. She has no qualms against washing floors (on her hands and knees) and scrubbing toilets. Let's just hope she stays that way!

Wednesday - Today was a really rough day. Complete 360 from yesterday. We did get Nature Study in and that was a welcome sigh of relief from the rest of the day. Brianna thought it was great that she's noticing more and more things going on each week (me too!).

Thursday - School was pushed into the afternoon so we could get errands done, but she didn't have much to do today anyway. One of the things were starting is "taking notes". I've picked up relevant-to-what-we're-learning books from the library (simpler ones) and she has to read the book and pick out 5 important points from them. Also a lesson in plagiarism since, much to her disappointment, I won't let her do it. 

Friday - Another great day! How am I so lucky to have that happen twice in 1 week?!? Right now she's helping grandma make pasta salad (it's only 2 hrs past her bedtime....)

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  1. Goodness -- can you send Brianna over here to help me clean this week? My girls are helpful but I can't see either one of them scrubbing floors or toilets without many threats or much bribery. ;)

  2. My daughter would stay up all night to help her grandma cook anything. I should find out if she likes scrubbing floors :). Glad to hear your good days outweighed the bad.