Friday, April 22, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

Monday -Today we started a few experiments for science. The food coloring/celery one and sprouting seeds in the windowsill and cupboard one. For the seeds we decided to expand it a little further by using 2 different kind of seeds in each bowl. A green pea seed and a black eyed pea seed.

We also compared nutritional labels of household foods. I had Brianna pick any 5 items (before telling her what we were doing). She picked peanut butter, tuna, cereal bars, Zoodles and diced tomatoes. We compared the serving size, calories, fat, sodium, fiber, sugar and protein. We then discussed whether we needed a lot or a little of each. Then she checked off which food items "won" in each category. Tuna won for the healthiest item and Zoodles got the loser award. Brianna was surprised about the Zoodles, which I knew she would be. So we discusses why these seeming "healthy" things are only a once and a while food and why it's important to read the nutritional labels so you really know what you're eating.

We also started a new spelling program. Brianna's an odd speller. Some super easy words, she spells wrong, then there's words that are several grade levels ahead of her that she spells right. I had wanted to get All About Spelling for her, but with Lee laid off, spending money on curriculum items is out of the question. Then I was pointed towards Spelling By Color. It's a FREE program that was developed by a homeschooling mom for use in her own home and she has shared it with the world. We've only done the first week but it's going great! Brianna's loving it! I'll review it further as we get more into it.

Tuesday - As busy as yesterday was, we had a quieter day today. We went further into what vitamins and minerals and water can do for your body. We had to do some google research to find answers, which Brianna thought was great.

Wednesday - More Health class... Fiber today. Brianna had to make a menu for a whole day that included enough fiber for a child her age. Her age group needs 25g of fiber. Her menu had 32 so I'd say she did pretty good!

Thursday -We did some plant life cycle work today for science. Brianna was surprised at how so many plants only live one year. We also learned about biennial and perennial plants.

Friday -Last night she spent the night with her father who was in town for the weekend. Today we ended up having no school because by the time she got home we were well into working on our back yard renovations. Instead she went to a neighbour's house and did some bead necklaces. She did however show off a bunch of her school work to her father, like her lapbook and a recent math a spelling test that she got 97% and 100% on. He was quite happy that she seems to be doing well with homeschooling.

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  1. Love the food lessons, & glad her dad got to see how well she's doing with homeschooling!

  2. Who knew that they needed so much fiber. Thanks for teaching me something. That was an awesome activity for your daughter.

  3. That is a wonderful way to present for health lessons. I will have to remember that for next year's health unit. I can just send them directly to the kitchen and let them decide what is best choices. Wonderful!!

    New over from the Weekly Review link. Can't wait to read more of your blog.