Thursday, April 21, 2011

Secular Thursday: Easter

My mom lives with us. She's a non-practicing Catholic. She knows I'm non-religious and raising my kids to seek out what ever they want in regards to religion. Brianna occasionally attends church with my very-Catholic sister. I'm totally cool with this.

Today my mom asked me how do you secularize Easter?

Honestly, the same way we do Christmas. To us, Christmas and Easter are about family. Yes, of course, we include Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, but if you ask Brianna, she'll tell you that the holidays are about family.

On Sunday morning we do an egg hunt. I refuse to fall into turning Easter into a second Christmas like so many people do nowadays. I spend about $10. I actually spent $12 this year cause I needed new eggs since Olivia teethed all over last year's. I fill the eggs with some jelly beans, chocolate eggs and about $2 in quarters over the bag of 48 eggs. Brianna thinks it's great!

Sunday night we'll be going to Lee's family for dinner and Monday we go to my family for lunch.

Family. My idea of a great holiday!

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  1. Absolutely! These holidays should be focused on creating wonderful family (and friends) memories. With that said, we do a plastic egg hunt and I do get the kids "baskets". This year their "baskets" are JUMBO-sized sand buckets with snorkle sets and a chocolate bunny. (They'll have something to which to carry their things to the beach with this year! LOL)