Friday, February 18, 2011

Week In Review

I guess I've been slackin' eh? No excuses really, other than maybe Farmville and Gourmet Ranch LOL! I love joining new linky things and I've been meaning to join this one for a while.... The Weekly Wrap-Up over at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers. Here's my first shot...

Valentine's Day - We did all Valentine's Day themed stuff. Math sheets, English sheets, baking heart shaped cake-cookies, ect...

Tuesday - I won the Bad Mommy Award. I fought with Brianna all day to do her school work, she was just in another world all day. We got only 2 things done cause she was in la-la land all day. 6pm rolls around and she says she feels yucky. In my current mood I told her fine, have some soup and go to bed early. She happily did! Couple hours later she comes back downstairs with a fever of 101. Oops. I guess that explains why she was off all day!

Wednesday - Official sick day. She did a bit of coloring for her Aboriginals lapbook while laying on the couch, but otherwise just vegged.

Thursday - Back to work. Got caught up on some of the missed work and spent the evening getting soaking wet in the rainy/melty backyard with her friend.

Friday - Gold Star Day! Her first star earned in over 3 weeks. She was so proud of herself!


  1. Looks like the week turned out great! I have had one of those Bad Mommy moments. My son ended up throwing up in bed! Stopping in from Weekly Wrap Up.

  2. Sometimes it happens. You just don't know WHY they're off...until it's obviously. Looks like the rest of your week went well though! Maybe I should do some Gold Stars too!

    Jessy - Weekly Wrap-up

  3. I hate it when I have those Mommy moments. :) Glad the week ended on a good note.

  4. Hi! I am new and following you now! I hope your daughter is all better and has many gold star days this coming week. Stop and say hello: http/


  5. Sorry you had to deal with sickness. Glad the week turned around and ended well though.

  6. Glad your daughter is feeling better. Don't be too hard on yourself; we all make mistakes. Looks like the week ended up going well anyway. Thanks for sharing with us all.

  7. hi im new to homeschool and new to your blog!! love your blog and look forward to future posts!!!