Sunday, February 27, 2011


I went to my favorite teacher store today, Scholar's Choice and did some school shopping. Mostly stuff for the present or near future.

Since we have nothing specific for Grammar, I picked this mini Grammar (Gr. 3) book up. The geography/maps book I bought last month is a shorter one, we'll need something to continue on by the end of March. In came Canadian Geography and Mapping Skills (Gr. 3-5). Since we've been having some healthy choices issues I wanted to touch on Nutrition sooner rather than later. I'd been looking at Canadian Health Activities (Gr. 4-6) for a while and finally picked it up. I also grabbed this mini bulletin board set. 

For fun, I got these cute letters to do whatever with and this awesome 100 days fishbowl kit to keep track of our 100 days. No need for them other than the need for fun stuff :)

I also grabbed this cheapy gemstone excavation kit. I think it'll be something interesting to do, but I don't want to buy the real, more expensive one if there's no interest. One thing I know will be liked is that the stuff you dig through to find the "gems" is bath fizzy stuff!

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