Tuesday, February 22, 2011

100 Days

Today was our 100th day of homeschool! I wanted to do something for the 100 days like the public schools do since it's just another fun thing. However, since we HS year round and through holidays and such, we will be doing a 100 day every 100 days.

Today Brianna had a fun essay. She had to think of how things would be in 100 years. We'll be driving bowl-bug cars, living in trees, looking like monkeys and all the grass will be flowers. It was a hard start though. She still got so much school mentality that she was getting all frustrated at her self for not *knowing* how it's gonna be in 100 years. I had to explain to her in great detail how this was a FUN project! She could make up whatever she wanted! Be fun, be silly, use your imagination! There was no right or wrong answers. Once she got going, you couldn't stop her! Here's her report....

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