Thursday, February 24, 2011

Becoming More Relaxed

I've been going at these last few month quite hardcore. Must have loads of core subjects, every day. Barely having any time for fun stuff (even falling under a core subject). So I have decided to force myself to be more relaxed. Since we were coming up to a point where I hadn't filled up the pages of my planner with curriculum to be followed, it wasn't that hard to move stuff around.

As of Monday we have new rules. No more than 3 core subjects per day (I consider everything bookworkish to be core, math, English, science, history and geography all fall under core to me). On days where we have outside activities, no more than 2 core subjects.

My planner suddenly appears bare! However, I look at the last few months and not only would I have 4/5 cores per day, but sometimes more than one activity, workbook or project for a single core in a day! No wonder both Brianna and I were getting so stressed by the end of the day.

This way, we'll have a chance to go more in depth to interested areas, but not be stuck (for hours sometimes) on something that is totally uninteresting. Not to say that we won't still be covering the same stuff, it'll just be spread out more. The fact that we homeschool year round makes this even easier!



    I hope this new plans works for you!!! =)

  2. I have tons of accomplish but we spread it on out. We do History 2 days a week, Science 2 days a week. The other days we may read something related. We do phonics, math, latin, and language arts every day. But they are usually about 15 minutes long, math may run to 30 if we have a ton of hands on to do.

    Then we finish the day off with something messy, outdoors, or home ec.

    Make your schedule work for you ! I hope it all works out.