Monday, February 7, 2011

First Day Back

Brianna got an extended vacation and again proved why we can't take a lot of time off. We skipped Wednesday so I could spend the day shoveling. Then she was sick Thurs and Fri. Then there was the weekend. 5 days off = lots of work to get back into the swing of things!

We did get a lot done today though. She did a few worksheets of adding and subtracting. We have a lot of work there. She frequently forgot to borrow when subtracting, then tried to borrow when adding, not noticing the sign change.

She started working in her curriculum book in the science section. It's what I consider boring science stuff, learning about pulleys and forces and so on... Brianna thought it was great! If she keeps it up over the unit I'll pick her up some of the science books on that stuff that I skipped over.

We also started turning her spelling words into a pocket dictionary. While she's not enjoying the writing out part of it, she loves the idea of *having* the pocket dictionary. Once we've caught up to her current week spelling words it won't be so bad to write out the words, but over the next couple weeks we've got to do the definitions and such for all her spelling words back to November!

On a great note! My BIL got my computer back up and running so I now have access to all my homeschool bookmarks/sites and my printer! YAY!!!

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