Saturday, February 5, 2011


Did some school shopping today. I love school shopping. Yes, I'm a geek lol

First I picked up some cute marbled index cards and a container for them to make a little pocket dictionary. We're gonna use the words Brianna's gotten correct on spelling tests to start. Writing down each word with it's definition and alphabetizing them.

For our continuing unit on Canada's History I picked up In Pioneer Days. Brianna is loving anything to do with pioneers and when she was flipping through her new book she wanted to start right away!

For English I got Story Starters. It shows a picture you need to write about and gives you a list of 5/6 words to get you started. Similar to our picture story for daily writing. Brianna's taking longer and longer to come up with what to write about so I thought this would be a good helper.

An interesting math book was Multiplication Facts Made Easy. It's a starter type of book that teaches all sorts of multiplication little tricks. Since Brianna typically looks at me blankly when I try to teach her the tricks I know, this'll take a load of my shoulders.

I also picked up some file folders to try out lapbooking. From what I can see, Brianna'll love it. It's essentially taking what we're learning and turning it into a craft. Hopefully I'll have a good computer running soon so I can start sharing pics of what we're doing again!

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  1. We have a few lap book projects I got last year but she wasn't getting the whole idea. I think now that she is a little older we will start working on them again. I would love to hear about your experiences when you start them.