Friday, April 13, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up x2

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Weekly Training:
None happened this week. The weather just sucked and I wish we hadn't gotten that spurt of nice weather, then back to normal. The girls have been doing daily workouts though.

Monday - For the 3rd day in a row, Brianna did her school work first thing in the morning. And as a bonus, since she was still doing her when Tanya showed up, it got Tanya right to work too instead of their usual playing before a herd them to the kitchen. *fingers crossed* that this keeps up!

Tuesday - Still going with first thing in the morning school *yay* Brianna and I planted our egg shell seeds. After sorting out the ones that were too small or broken, we ended up with 2 dozen egg shells to fill. We planted potted-strawberries, green peppers, mini mixed peppers, pumpkins and cherry and beefsteak tomatoes.

Wednesday - Since Brianna's still doing her school work first thing in the morning. I had her catch up on the graphing portion of their geography class while Tanya did her work for the day.

Thursday - A quiet day with boring work lol

Friday - Tanya had church duties due to Easter so didn't come today. I had Brianna catch up on the photo periods for geography to go with the graphing she did on Wednesday


Monday - Didn't *happen* on Monday, but it's all she talked about so we'll add it here lol On Sunday, Brianna made almost our entire Easter Dinner herself.

Tuesday - A quiet day with boring work lol

Wednesday - We FINALLY caught up completely on geography. The girls used the 3 weeks of clues to try to find educated guesses of where the Mystery Locations were. On Friday the last of the clues will be out, but since we planned Titanic stuff for Friday and the following Monday, we'll be doing them next Wednesday

Thursday - My mom's been helping me with marking the girls work while I try to find all the stuff I need to catch Tanya up to where she "should be". We've discovered that she has no clue how to punctuate or capitalize properly (or very often) and strangely has almost no clue about fractions. This is strange because she cooks and bakes and doesn't seem to screw up recipes that use measuring cups. Her most memorable mistake was for a question that asked if a cake is cut into 1/8ths or 1/4ths, which would be a bigger piece. Her answer? "It doesn't matter, it's the same cake" *facepalm*

Friday - We began our Titanic unit (which will have it's own blog post later).

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